Posted on Apr 17 2018

10 Tips to Overcome Jetlag

It is finally that time of the year when the money you have been putting aside has finally accumulated enough to pay for that flight to the city you have always wanted to visit. You have finally booked that luxurious ride using our limo service in Destin, Florida. However, there is always that one pesky thing that makes you dread the whole journey: jet lag. Nobody wants to be drowsy while sightseeing. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We have put together tips and tricks to avoid jet lag and even if you do experience it, you can be sure that it will be minimized.


1.Drink plenty of water Drinking water in a foreign country especially tap water is usually such a task to everyone because you don’t know how clean the water is. You can still purchase a large water bottle and buy water at the airport because it is important to stay hydrated.


2.Get plenty of sunlight Sunlight is known to reduce weariness to try and stay awake if it is not yet night-time. That way your body will adjust better to that time zone.


3.Sleep in the plane This only applies if you have an overnight flight or you are arriving at your destination in the morning. Otherwise, you will get go your destination and you won’t be able to adjust well.


4.Sleep early the day before your flight Traveling when sleep deprived is a terrible idea. This, however, applies only if you are taking a daytime flight.


5.Take supplements such as melatonin Melatonin is specially formulated to reduce the effects of jet lag and to combat the mental and physical effects of traveling.


6.Stay as active as possible when you get to your destination This will keep your blood flowing and the more the blood that gets to the brain the more active the body will be.


7.Avoid alcohol and caffeine This applies for during and before the flight. Caffeine and alcohol stimulate the brain making it almost impossible to sleep.


8.Have your meals at the local time Avoid eating food at random hours especially a few days after you are arriving, try and maintain a strict eating plan.


9.Try using white noise to help you sleep White noise like the sound of rain relaxes the mind and you will most likely be fast asleep in 20 minutes. Whether or not you will experience jet lag is not constant.


10.Avoid sleeping pills Taking sleeping pills before your long flight can be a bad idea. They will only worsen your jet lag because you'll feel fuzzy after the sleeping pill assisted sleep.


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