Posted on Jan 16 2018

5 Crucial Diet Tips for Business Travelers

Business travel has its perks. You get to visit new destinations and experience different cultures. However, everything from unhealthy airport fare to indulgent client dinners can wreak havoc on your waistline. If left unchecked, bad eating habits can seriously impact the productivity of your trip. It’s hard for anyone to stick to a diet and exercise routine when traveling is part of their job. Fortunately, it’s perfectly possible to maintain your weight during business trips. That is, if you are committed to making the right dining choices during your entire journey. We know that business travelers need to stick to a strict schedule. Our chauffeurs are dedicated to ensuring that our clients reach the airport on time and will have a limo waiting when they land. Here are some diet tips that we recommend for business travelers: 1.     Eat Whole Foods After you land, it can be tempting to grab a bag of chips and call it lunch, especially if you are running late, but this habit can come back to bite you. Instead of high sodium options, get some fruits and nuts at the airport/hotel. Whole foods like these will keep you full longer and prevent you from feeling hungry until the next meal. 2.     Go Easy on the Alcohol Alcohol calories can add up fast. It also makes you eat more. Studies show that alcohol suppresses Leptin; a hormone that signals your body to stop eating. Unfortunately, business trips often involve entertainment and drinking. You may be invited to discuss business matters at the hotel bar over a martini or any other drink. To keep the pounds at bay during work events, ask the bartender to give you a club soda, instead – it looks like an alcoholic beverage. 3.     Stay Hydrated Staying hydrated prevents you from eating more than you should. So instead of juice or soda, ask the flight attendant to bring you a bottle of water. Drink a full glass before you eat, as you will ingest fewer calories this way. 4.     Snack Healthy Pack up some healthy snacks, like protein bars, granola bars, and trail mix, for your trip. This will prevent you from grabbing a hotdog or some candy bars from a vending machine or gas station along the way. It will also keep hunger pangs under control at work and your energy levels consistent. 5.     Go Grocery Shopping Staying on a healthy diet often means cooking your own food. However, that isn’t always an option when your work requires you to travel a lot. To make this easier on yourself, visit nearby grocery stores before you check in at your hotel. Bring some bread, fruits, and frozen items, like meat for sandwiches that you can stock up in the hotel fridge. If your room doesn’t have a kitchen or stove, you can always give these ingredients to room service and ask them to prepare a healthy sandwich for you. If you would like more information about making your trip healthy and stress-free, get in touch with our Florida limo service. We pride ourselves in offering a safe, professional, and comfortable transportation service.

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