Posted on Feb 05 2019

5 Tips to Make Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Welcomed and Appreciated

There aren’t too many occasions that warrant friends and relatives booking flights and crossing state lines in one go, but a wedding definitely is. Not only do others put in the effort to schedule their time and even travel long distances to be there to celebrate your happy moment, but there are also extra expenses involved. Though you will be busy and occupied in the weeks and days near your big day, your role does involve welcoming them, helping them out, and making them feel right at home. Now, you might be wondering how to go about doing that, so we’ve got some useful tips for you:

Always Remember to Include Important Details

You’re probably going to have at least a few guests who are unfamiliar with the area, so do yourself and them a favor by providing them with a nifty wedding itinerary. Details such as key times, names of people to contact, what to wear, and so on will greatly help them adjust to the occasion. You can even provide both an offline and online version to make it easier for everyone.

Do Your Best to Keep Them Entertained

Unless you’re truly up to your ears with last minute details and other wedding plans, you might want to welcome your early guests with a welcome party or small gathering. During your actual wedding day, you might not be able to truly make time for everyone (and that’s pretty normal), so this is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up with them and spend some quality time together. 

Assist with Accommodation and Travel Plans

Some guests might not be familiar with your wedding venue, so you can always help them out by providing some researched and confirmed suggestions ahead of time. You’re definitely not required to foot the bill for them, so the least you can do is to recommend a few choice accommodations (that suit their budgets and preferences) and travel options for them to choose from. 

Surprise them with Welcome Bags

Other than enjoying the momentous occasion and catching up with you and your partner, your guests will definitely be pleasantly surprised with a welcome gift. You’ll have to decide what you want to offer them based on your resources, and it can range from something entirely homemade to complimentary hotel massages. Most importantly, you’ll want them to feel appreciated for their time and effort. 

Organize and Arrange Their Transportation

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