Posted on Jan 03 2018

5 Travel Trends for 2018

When it comes to travel in 2018 what are the top trends you should be looking out for to get the most out of your trip? We have scoured the stats and come up with a few of the best for the coming year – so book that flight, grab your suitcase and get out there!

  • Extending your business stay for a vacation
So-called ‘Bleisure’ is nothing new, but many experts believe this trend is only set to increase in 2018. With professionals seeing rising demands in their jobs, along with stagnant levels of pay, many are searching for a way to vacation on a budget whilst also utilizing more limited free time. Tagging on a few vacation days to a business trip is a great way to do this, saving you costs on flights and travel time whilst giving you scope to explore a new city.
  • Home rental services
Services such as Airbnb and Homeaway look set to soar in popularity again in 2018. Whilst there have been measures in some cities to limit the abundance of properties being used soley for the purposes of Airbnb rental, the popularity of this type of accommodation only looks set to grow, particularly in the areas of corporate and group travel.
  • Living like a local
Increasingly travellers are looking for the genuine local experience when they visit a new city or country, with a sharp rise in the number of tourists using home rental services (as mentioned above) and utilizing innovative apps that allow them to explore places in more intimate ways than traditional tour companies used to allow. Popular destinations can feel simply like a honey trap for tourists, so when you want to explore top sights and integrate with local culture you should consider visiting during an off-season period.
  • Extreme destinations
Extreme travel is in for 2018 – think desert adventures, Antarctic exploration, or Amazonian treks. Take travel to the edge and explore some of the lesser-trodden regions of the world for a hit of adrenalin and the opportunity to encounter unique experiences off the beaten track.
  • Multigenerational travel
One of the interesting trends that experts believe will be a major factor for 2018 is travel with the whole family. That is to say parents, kids, grandparents, all enjoying a vacation altogether. It might sound nostalgic but it is an increasingly popular way to go, with group accommodation savings to be had (companies such as Airbnb are surely a contributing factor), as well as built-in childcare and the opportunity to share experiences as a whole family. One aspect of travel that is going nowhere for 2018 is a reliable Florida car service. Whatever your travel needs – whether you are exploring Florida with the family, need a ride to the airport, or simply a lift to your Airbnb – we’ve got you covered. Our friendly, professional chauffeurs will get you wherever you need to be in luxurious comfort so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

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