Posted on Apr 10 2018

5 Wedding Trends to Avoid in 2018

You may prefer a traditional wedding, or you might want to infuse some contemporariness. Every bride and groom have some expectations and wishes, so does every family. Many of these expectations or preferences are influenced by the wedding trends. Throughout recorded history, weddings have had a religious, cultural and social context. In the modern times, there is an economic context as well. Many wedding trends are actually dictated by economics, even though it may not be so obvious. It is not uncommon for couples and their families to feel the stress of adhering to established wedding trends. The only remedy is to avoid any such trends that are incompatible with your personal wishes.


  • One of the wedding trends that have been overdone in recent years is the theme. A grand theme always makes for a spectacular setting and it can be a showstopper until the bride walks down the aisle. Unfortunately, a mesmerizing theme can be very expensive, and it may not have any function at all. Wedding photography has undergone a substantial transformation. Contemporary photographers are not focusing on any one location or one background anyway. It is quite possible only a few photos of your wedding album will truly capture the quintessence, elegance, and impact of the grand theme. You can do away with a grand theme and instead opt for captivating but affordable ways to deck up a venue.


  • Try to avoid too many posed photos. There are many wedding photographers who are simply recreating trending poses, and strangely they are being passed off as candid moments. Even if you can strike the most natural pose in such frames, it becomes quite evident that the moment has been scripted. You should have pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding shoots if you want but go for truly candid photos. Do what your heart pleases and let the photographer & videographer do their jobs without telling you what to do.


  • It is perhaps time to rethink the multicourse menu. A lavish spread or buffet is probably not the best idea. Many of your guests may be on a watchful diet anyway, and it is better to save money than facilitate the wastage of food and drinks. Most weddings and receptions have several events lined up, so it is better to allow people to partake in the celebrations than being distracted by several courses.


  • Overstuffed tables must go. There was a time not too long ago when tables at wedding receptions were neater and cleaner. In recent years, many wedding planners have established the trend of piling up tons of decorative pieces and some functional elements atop every table. It is true that flowers look good, but entire tables don’t need to be submerged under massive bouquets, orchids or centerpieces. The guests need the space on the tables to conveniently eat and drink, also to keep their portable gadgets and other essentials.


  • Finally, it is time couples bid farewell to the concept of favors. Most guests don’t make use of favors. They are a futile expenditure. Expressing gratitude can be more memorable if you choose to arrange for the transport of your guests. Hiring one of our limos or limo buses for your guests will be utilitarian, luxurious and impressive. Your guests will appreciate it much more than coasters and magnets, candies and novelties or souvenirs.
Ok, but what about transportation? There are many common mistakes to avoid when deciding how to handle transportation for your wedding too. Not hiring professionals is one of them. The best day of your life deserves the best ride. 654Limo offers the finest selection of vintage wedding cars, wedding limousines, and luxury wedding cars, SUVs, vans, and busses. We offer wedding transportation Destin FL couples rely on to make their wedding day magical. We offer all ground transportation options, and we can coordinate multiple vehicles to get you and your wedding party where you need to be throughout the Emerald Coast – hassle free and on time.

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