Posted on Dec 03 2018

6 Fantastic Tips to Throwing a Great Company Christmas Party

Ending the year successfully is one thing but letting everyone know that their effort and hard work is appreciated is another thing. A year-end Christmas bash is a great opportunity to boost company morale and reward everyone at the same time, but it does take all your people management and party planning skills to pull it off. If you’re looking to plan a memorable event that’s sure to get everyone excited, you’ll want to look into the tips we’ve got for you just below:

Decide on the Details

Party planning doesn’t have to be a stressful process, but you will need to work with quite a few details to make it a successful one. For instance, you’ll want to ensure that most people on the guest list are available, so it’s essential to decide earlier on the date and venue. When you’re planning an activity that involves quite a few people, you’ll also want to get as much feedback as possible to get things rolling.

Get a Theme Going

Get creative this Christmas season by choosing a theme to suit your company party. It’ll help to boost the excitement level for everyone, and it also gives them something else to look forward to. If you’re thinking to have a costumed-affair this time around, it’ll be good to let everyone know in advance so that they’ll have enough time to prepare their own unique getup!

Learn from the Past

Whenever you’re planning an affair or event, getting feedback is pretty important, and learning what works and what doesn’t can make all the difference. Get everyone to provide feedback on previous company occasions and make your own list of dos and don’ts to follow for this year’s bash. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves, so do take note of their concerns and wishes to ensure that everyone feels included.

Teamwork is Important

Even the most efficient person needs to learn how to delegate, and planning for a party is no different. You can formalize it by creating a committee with at least one person from each department involved. Otherwise, you can also rope in volunteers with different skill sets to make the most of your resources. In order to plan and prepare for something fantastic, going about it yourself is never truly the best choice.

Allow Time for Socialization

Interaction is pretty much a must for any successful event, so don’t get too caught up with the idea of filling every single moment with activities. Plots of free time allows different departments to mingle and get to know one another. It’s also a great opportunity for leaders and staff to catch up and form stronger working relationships and build trust.

Rewarding Everyone

Recognition for contributions can easily be overlooked for most of the year, so don’t miss the opportunity to thank everyone before the year ends. It’s a great way to have everyone involved and participate in the process, facilitating a healthier company culture for the year to come.

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