Posted on Dec 28 2016

654 Limo Spreads Holiday Cheer

654 Limo recently made the dreams come true for 25 children from Children in Crisis, a non-profit organization which provides homes to abused, neglected and abandoned children. Nathan Wilson, the director of business development, worked with Ken Hair, the president and CEO of Children in Crisis, to create a trip of a lifetime to Disney World. Throughout 2016, Wilson fundraised in the community and raised approximately $13,000. "At Christmas time, what's so important is family time, and a lot of these kids aren't with their families. So, we thought, what do we do to create some sort of alternate reality for them, get them out of the moment and create lifelong memories?" Wilson told the Northwest Florida Daily News. On the way to Orlando, 654 Limo told the children they were going to go on a long hike, once they realized they were going to Disney World the buses of children cheered and hugged. The trip was all expenses paid including three meals a day, hotel accommodations and park tickets. Andre Drevinskas, 654 Limo's president, told the newspaper, "We live in a little bubble in Destin And we don't realize sometimes that right across the bridge there are kids who don't have so much as a new pair of shoes."

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