Posted on May 08 2018

7 Tips to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is fun, it is necessary, and it can be replenishing. However, one of the things that can go awry is your diet. Not every route has the healthiest of restaurants, not every place will have a fine assortment of organic produce and not everyone will enjoy every type of cuisine. These are just some of the reasons why you should take great care to plan what you eat while traveling. Many people fall sick while traveling and one of the causes is food. Here are seven tips to eat healthy while traveling. Always have some healthy snacks or munchies to crunch on when you feel those infrequent hunger prangs. You should not load up on the plethora of chips and processed snacks that throng our stores across the length and breadth of the country. You should try to confine your diet to fruits and salads. You can always stop at a nice place for brunch, lunch or dinner. The fruits and salads should keep you going meanwhile. Don’t choose fruits that don’t travel well. Avoid fruits that have to be sliced and cut beforehand. Go for fruits that you can peel or eat as a whole en route. These fruits that don’t have to be peeled, sliced or cut in advance will not go bad through the day. The same truth applies to salads as well. Do not go for ingredients that have a tendency to go bad in a few hours. Pack salads in smaller containers so you don’t have to open a large one and then keep the leftover for another round. The more you open your salad boxes, the more they get contaminated. A quintessential part of your daily diet is water. It should not be soda or any processed juice. You can make your own fresh juices if you want and pack them in non-plastic bottles. Carry enough bottles of water with you to stay hydrated. Many people don’t drink enough water while traveling. Coffee or even tea will not compensate for the lack of water intake. Try to pack some dry fruits, nuts and seeds. These can be a healthy alternative to the cookies and biscuits. You can carry some chocolates and homemade goodies, but dry fruits are even better. You can buy small packs of dry fruits from the stores. Avoid floury cakes and creamy fillings containing some nuts and dry fruits. Do not eat at diners. It is no secret that diners are more affordable, and they often have some delicious comfort foods. You will also find diners anywhere you go. However, most diners do not make healthy foods. Their dishes are greasy, and the ingredients not always handled properly. Finally, don’t eat at fast food chains. You can opt for some healthy fresh cooked dishes at a credible chain but never those premade burgers and pizzas that would not go stale even if you left them out in the open for a whole day. You can discuss your needs with one of our concierge staff at the time of reserving your limo and we can offer you relevant recommendations to eat healthy while traveling. For all your ground transportation needs, you can count on our excellent Destin limo service. We bring you the most exceptional transportation. View our modern, beautiful fleet of limousines and buses, read our testimonial, then give us a call at 850.654.5466 and tell us how we can help to make the special events in your life even more spectacular.

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