Posted on Oct 16 2018

Destin, Florida Activities for Halloween 2018

One of the most exciting times of the year for anyone is the Halloween season. During this time of the year, we can dress up into very funny costumes as we are enjoying parties and other activities with family and friends. If you are in the Destin, Florida area, there are many different great things that you can do during the Halloween season.

Halloween Beach Dance Party

One of the largest attractions overall in the city of Destin is the amazing beach located in town. During the Halloween season, it is very common to enjoy the nice weather down at the beach. One of the best activities that takes place in Destin on Halloween is the Halloween Beach Dance Party. With this event, you will be able to come to the beach and enjoy some great fun well into the night. The evening will include great food, dancing, live entertainment, games, and even a costume contest.

Baytowne Wharf Spooktacular Halloween

If you are coming into the Destin area, you will also want to make sure that you spend some time at the Baytowne Wharf. This area of Destin is well known for having a variety of great shops and restaurants while also providing a lot of fun and seasonal events. One of the best events that takes place at the Baytowne Wharf all year is the Baytowne Wharf Halloween party. During this event, you can party late into the night while having a great time.

AJ’s Oyster Bar

One of the most iconic hotspots in all of Destin is AJ’s Oyster Bar. This restaurant is well known for its amazing fried and boiled oysters, regular live entertainment, and great people watching. During the Halloween season, AJs is also one of the top places to go in all of Florida. When you are in Destin, you should definitely go to AJs for the amazing Halloween party. This party, which is only for adults, will go very well into the night and is one of the top parties taking place in all of Florida.

Destin Library

For those with young kids, the Destin Library is a great place to spend some time on Halloween. At the library, you will be able to enjoy some Halloween-themed activities, storytelling, and a lot of fun for kids of all ages. There is also a costume contest and plenty of games that will allow kids to interact with each other as well as people working at the library. This is a great way to feel like a part of the community in Destin. If you are going to enjoy Halloween in the Destin area, you should make sure that you have your transportation planned in advance. One great option to consider when you are coming to Destin for Halloween would be to take advantage of a Destin limo service. When hiring a limo service Destin FL area residents and visitors can be assured that they have a great night of transportation that is comfortable, safe and reliable.

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