Posted on Sep 04 2018

Don’t Forget to Bring Along These Essential Items on Your Tropical Getaway

Packing for an extended duration can be quite a daunting task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with just what you need to be bringing along. However, this doesn’t mean you should be stressing out right now. After all, you’ll definitely want to feel happy and relaxed before your trip, so we’ve prepared a handy list of essentials just for you to refer to in order to get a better idea:


Lightweight Clothing Hot and humid climates tend to translate to sticky and sweaty bodies, so you’ll want to avoid packing thick and non-breathable clothes. Instead, you should definitely opt for lightweight options such as cotton, linen and khaki since they help to wick away perspiration a whole lot faster. If you’re a fan of washing and reusing your clothing during vacations, this would also serve as a much better choice.


Sunscreen or Suntan Lotion You might be wondering how this is a wardrobe essential, but just continue reading on first. For those who get sunburned easily (and yes, it can be extremely painful), you wouldn’t to forget packing this option. Make sure you get a sufficiently strong one that gives your skin full coverage to avoid any mishaps. However, if you’re into the idea of getting tan during your trip, you’ll want to get the right type of suntan lotion for that heavenly body glow.


Sunglasses Not only does this accessory go extremely well with your other clothing options, it serves the very practical use of shading your eyes from the fierce tropical sun. Of course, you can always bring a pair from home, but if you like to have several options on hand, you’ll also be glad to know that this accessory can easily be purchased in most places.


Hat Getting enough coverage for your scalp is definitely important. Not only can you get sunburned on the more exposed parts of your skin, you can also get sunburned on top (and it’s just as painful). Investing in a wide-brimmed hat is a good idea, but that isn’t the only option you can choose from. You’ll want to consider the type of activities you’ll be indulging in before choosing what suits you best.


Comfortable Shoes Our feet could be used to walking on solid ground and well-paved roads, but you should consider the appropriate footwear for the beach. If you’ve ever felt annoyed by sand in your shoes, you’ll understand why sandals and flip-flops are by far the most popular options to go for. For those looking to add-in something more dressy, there’s also the option of boat shoes for men and flats and wedges for women.


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