Posted on Jul 11 2014

Emerald Coast Convention Center-654LIMO

We all know that the success of a corporate meeting or conference rests on many factors. There’s the location, meeting space, overnight accommodations, meals and transportation logistics to worry about. And all of that has to take place before even the first guest speaker is booked. Good thing there is a place in the Sunshine State where event planners may go to host corporate meetings that are relatively stress free, the Emerald Coast. Its home to the Emerald Coast Convention Center and our first-rate corporate/conference transportation service, 654LIMO.Voted one of the Sunshine State’s most beloved destinations for corporate gatherings, the convention center is home to far more than 21,000-square feet of prime meeting space. Plus, event planners that choose to use the highly sought after facilities will have the benefit of receiving a beach full of free amenities, including advertising services and on-site support staff assistance. In addition, corporate meeting and conference attendees will have four different airports to choose from, including one that welcomes private business charters. And unparalleled corporate/conference transportation from any one of them is just a phone call or online reservation away.How stunning is the corporate/conference transportation on offer? Try immaculately kept, smooth running vehicles like Cadillac Escalades, Ford E-Series, Limo Buses, Hummer H2s and Dodge Caravans complete with impeccably dressed, professional chauffeurs on for size. And for those corporate clients whose tastes run more towards the exotic or traditional, we’ve got them covered too with our mint-condition, 1962 Lincoln Continental and Rolls Royce Ghost.Furthermore, with 654LIMO, event planners get more than just stunning corporate/conference transportation. They also get extra sets of hands, eyes and ears. That’s because our professional service includes the use of seasoned, on-site coordinators, congenial airport greeters, eagle-eyed flight tracking professionals and event dedicated, transportation manifest managers. Like we indicated previously, luxury and stress-free meeting destinations really do exist on the Emerald Coast. To learn more, please contact us at 654LIMO today.

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