Posted on Jul 17 2019

Here are 8 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling in Summer

There’s plenty of fun to be had in summer, and since everyone is pretty much on the same wavelength for outdoor BBQs, pool parties and getaways, you know it’s going to get hot and crowded at times. It’s important for us to remember that our enjoyment goes only as far as the state of our health. With hot temperatures being the norm daily, it’s easy to forget that we’re not immune to getting sunburned, dehydrated, or other heat-related issues. There’s still a way to go before fall arrives, so you’ll want to stay fit and healthy to make the most of summer, right?

One effective way to avoid excessive overheating is by choosing our Destin limo service and riding in our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. We know very well just how torturous it is to enter a car that’s been baking under the hot sun, so you can rest assured that your time with us will be a cool one (literally). Just give us a call or book online our limo service in Destin, FL if you ever want a ride, but in the meantime, here are some other useful tips to stay healthy this summer: 

Stay Hydrated

If you’re already drinking 64 ounces of water (equivalent to 8 cups) daily, good for you. Even if you disregard every other tip about staying healthy in summer, this is one you really should not ignore. After all, it’s easy to enjoy our time in the sun and forget all about the effects of dehydration before we start to feel faint.

One good way to ensure that your water intake is met is by carrying a water bottle around whenever you’re traveling outdoors under the hot sun. However, we do understand that not everyone is into the idea of lugging around something bulky, so you can also invest in a collapsible bottle that will easily fit in your pocket. 

Dress Appropriately

It goes without being said that wearing thick, non-breathable layers is a no-no. If you’re looking to wear some layers to cover your bare skin, stick to light and breathable options such as cotton and linen. These days, there are plenty of choices with cooling features to help wick away sweat more effectively and which help to regulate our body temperature. 

You’ll also want to avoid wearing dark colors as those will increase heat absorption. Go for lighter colors whenever you’re traveling outdoors in summer, and to ensure that you don’t end up drenched in sweat, you can also opt for looser clothing styles which allows heat to escape faster.

Wear Sunscreen and More Sunscreen

You can never really have too much sunscreen, especially if you’re sweating under the sun and spending most of your time in the water. Even if you’ve already applied a layer before traveling outdoors, you will still need to reapply more often than not to ensure that you don’t get sunburned. To make the most of your summer travels, you need to remember this tip for the sake of your health.

Boost Your Body with Supplements and Nutrients

In summer where the temperature is hot, it’s a lot easier to fall sick. Even if you exercise regularly, it’s important to remember that we can also catch something from others, especially if we end up in crowded or enclosed spaces with lots of other people.

To ensure that you’re able to enjoy the most of what summer has to offer, it’s recommended that you take a dose of Vitamin C daily. Since it’s better to prevent falling sick than to cure it, you might also want to consider other supplements to boost your immune system. 

Choose Healthier BBQ Options

Even if BBQing is on your summer to-do-list, you can still stay healthy by switching out traditional ingredients for healthier options. For example, instead of slathering everything with BBQ sauce, opt for other types of freshly made sauces or simply choose to have your meats without any sauce at all.

You can also add in more vegetables and fruits for a more balanced meal. In fact, options like corn and eggplants are popular grill ingredients, and choices like bananas and pineapple add a natural, sweet taste to your BBQ session.

Have A Healthy Breakfast Every Day 

Not only is it the most important meal to start your day, when you’re traveling in summer, but you’ll also want to give your body as much of an energy boost as possible. After all, spending long hours under the sun stresses out our body, and you really wouldn’t want to start feeling exhausted or faint at any time, right?

To ensure that your body functions optimally, stick to a balanced start of protein, fiber and healthy fat. Processed foods and sugars should also be avoided whenever possible. If you’re not into eating solids for breakfast, you can also opt for a healthy juice or smoothie made from fruits and vegetables. 

Exercise Regularly

For those looking to stay healthy and fit on the go, regular exercise is essential. It can be a little harder to accommodate exercise while traveling, but you can always stick to a few simple methods that take up less time and space. Ultimately though, whichever exercise routine you employ, it’s imperative that you exercise correctly so as to avoid injuring yourself.

In summer, it makes sense to indulge in water-related activities. Although this does help to cool your body down, you’ll still want to remember to stay well-hydrated. Avoid exercising during the hottest hours of the day and use pre-cooling techniques such as drinking a slushie before working out or draping a wet towel around your neck.

Avoid Alcohol 

An ice-cold beer sounds just about right for summer, but there’s plenty of other alcoholic beverages that sound appealing too. However, you should know that alcohol actually depletes our water stores and worsens dehydration, so always drink in moderation. 

For the sake of your health, you’ll want to avoid consuming too much hard alcohol and stick to light alcoholic beverages instead such as a vodka seltzer, wine, and beers. If you’re a light drinker, you can also sip on water in between drinks.

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