Posted on Dec 05 2017

How to Book Your Business Trip Like a Pro

Seasoned business travelers have a way of approaching work trips that seems to make the whole process look effortless. Follow our top tips below for the expert guide to booking your next trip so you can enjoy all the extra perks that business travel can bring.

  • Search for the best hotel deals
Obviously one of the first things you want to get secured for your trip is your hotel booking – but it is worth investing some time to search out the best deals. Check if your company has a corporate rate agreed with any of the big hotel chains, or call up hotels directly and ask whether they can offer a discounted rate – this can be particularly effective if you are booking several rooms on behalf of colleagues too. You should also ask for a room upgrade or complimentary use of additional facilities that the hotel may have on site, such as a spa or restaurant. The answer may be no, but you’d be surprised how often hotels will concede to such requests if they are keen for repeat business.
  • Use flight comparison apps
Never book flights directly with an airline without first doing your research and using a flight comparison app such as Skyscanner or Kayak. Check route options and consider whether you can afford the time to change planes, as these flights can often be cheaper than flying directly. Either way, make sure you are signed up to airlines’ frequent flyer programs – even if you book a cheaper rate through a third party travel agent you will be able to add your frequent flyer number on the airline’s website so you can ensure that you collect the air miles you deserve and benefit later.
  • Look for local dinner spots
Whilst it might be convenient, don’t just be tempted to stick to the hotel restaurant every night of your stay. There are now so many excellent restaurant review sites available that you can easily search out some great local spots and reserve a table in advance of your trip. Particularly if you are traveling with a group of co-workers or are entertaining clients, they will appreciate being taken to an establishment that gives a real taste of the local foodie scene.
  • Book a leisure day
Whilst business travel can take you to exciting and exotic new places, you often don’t get chance to experience them fully during the working week. If possible, look at the option of staying in the city an extra day or so and booking a leisure day off from work. That way you’ll get to do all the touristy activities you want without worrying about taking up valuable work time – and without having to take a separate trip and pay for flights personally!
  • Book a good car service
Whether picking you up from the airport, or driving you to meetings around the city, our reliable Destin car service has you covered. You won’t need to worry about inconvenient car rental, navigating your way around an unfamiliar city, or public transport hassle and delays – our professional chauffeurs will use their extensive experience and local knowledge to make sure you get where you need to be in good time, without the stress.

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