Posted on Jun 04 2019

How to Celebrate the 4th of July in Destin

You don’t necessarily have to dress your best and jump right into a crowd on Independence Day because it depends on what you want to do to commemorate the occasion. There’s nothing wrong with setting aside the day to just relax and spend time alone if that’s what you prefer. However, if you are looking forward to celebrating in style and doing something different, you should definitely take a look at our great suggestions below:

Enjoy a Beautiful Fireworks Display

Ever the most jaded of hearts will agree that there’s just something appealing and mesmerizing about a brilliant fireworks show. It could be the bright colors lighting up the night sky, the beautiful patterns slowly fading away, or even the distant sounds of explosions as each firework is lit up.

In Destin, you can enjoy a wonderful fireworks show on Okaloosa Island every Wednesday from Memorial Day right up till Labor Day. It’s free for everyone, so just be sure to bring your blanket, towel or chair to relax in and just enjoy the show. 

Venue: The Boardwalk, 1450 Miracle Strip Parkway, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
Time & Date: 9 p.m. (every Wednesday from Memorial Day until Labor Day)
Admission: FREE

Have a BBQ or Cookout 

Go on a shopping spree, grab your favorite ingredients and heat up that grill! It’s time to party and enjoy an outdoor cookout. Invite family members and friends to liven up the atmosphere. If you’re hoping to have everyone chip in something to the menu, you can always make it a potluck event. If it’s going to be hot out anyway, you might as well indulge in your own food fiesta.  

However, for those who are just aiming to fill their tummies, there’s always the annual Smoke on the Coast BBQ and Fireworks Festival on July 3. Here, you’ll get to enjoy lots of delicious food, live music and family-friendly entertainment. Just head on over to Destin Commons to chow down on more than 18 local restaurants and BBQ groups. If you stick around till later at night, you’ll also get to witness an awesome evening fireworks show.

Venue: 4100 Legendary Dr, Destin, FL 32541
Time & Date: 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (3 July)
Admission: FREE
Price: $1/BBQ Sampling

Take a Trip to the Lake or Beach

Since Independence Day always coincides with the hot summer wave, it makes sense to take a trip to a lake or beach to cool yourself off. If you’re not into crowds, you might want to look up more secluded or remote areas, but you’ll need to remember that it could also mean a longer traveling time, so do plan ahead.

Dress Up in Red, White and Blue

Dressing up signifies care, and if you’re already a smart dresser on a daily basis, you’ll just need to go that one extra step to commemorate this special day. Of course, red, white and blue are the top colors dominating everyone’s choice palette, so don’t be afraid to follow the same route. There are tons of cool ideas floating around on the Internet, so it very much depends on your preferences and creativity to come up with a truly stunning look for yourself.

Dine on America’s Iconic Foods

Does the thought of hamburgers and hot dogs get you drooling? Even if you do consume America’s iconic foods on a regular basis, you’ll need to remember that the 4th of July is a truly special national occasion. With that in mind, you should definitely go ahead and indulge in some spectacularly delicious American fare and just bask in the moment with everyone else.

Spend Time with Family

If you’ve been meaning to spend more time with extended family members, this is a great chance to do so. Everyone’s looking to just relax, so why not invite everyone over for a casual get together at home? Just rustle up a couple of board games, bring out the snacks, and look forward to lots of laughter and bonding. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you can also spend time together outside and even join in the many other 4th of July events in Destin.

Decorate Your Home

If you want to express your love and pride for the nation on this special day, you should definitely shout it out loud and proud by decorating your home with the American flag and its iconic colors. However, if you’re looking to be a little more subtle and contemporary, there are other decorative options available that allow you to express your creative freedom such as streamers and banners. For those hosting a get-together at home, you can even liven up the atmosphere with specially prepared 4th of July plates, cups and napkins. 

Go on a Vacation

Getting away from it all every once in a while is never a bad thing, and although the 4th of July does fall on a Thursday this time around, you can always put in your leave for Friday to get a full four days for your trip. You don’t necessarily need to board a plane or jet off to another country to enjoy yourself. However, you might want to make your bookings and reservations in advance to avoid paying more at the last minute.

Most people are going to be out and about on Independence Day, so you can expect more traffic on the road. If you’re ever in need or want of a reliable mode of transportation to your destination of choice, you can definitely depend on our Destin limo service. Our reliable chauffeurs are familiar with the best traffic-free routes in Destin, so you can just sit back and relax in any of our comfortable vehicles while we do all the work. For more information and to reserve a vehicle of your choice, just give us a call or book our limo service in Destin, FL online. 

If you are traveling to Westchester this 4th of July, check the blog post published by our Westchester limo service friends at Harrison Car Service to find out the best ideas to celebrate Independence Day in and around Westchester. 

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