Posted on May 15 2018

How to Choose Luxury Transportation for Your Event

When it comes to choosing luxury transportation for your big event, say a wedding, you want to get the best. After all, this is meant to be the happiest day in your life, and you want everything to turn out perfect. Here is what you need to do to get the perfect luxury transport for your big day.

  1. Consider the Number of guests who need transport
If you expect a large number of guests, say 100 and over, to attend your wedding, then hiring a luxury coach the size of a Greyhound Bus is a good option. However, the bridal team may need to arrive and leave the wedding venue in a special vehicle. This is your chance to be flamboyant, but your ride must be able to accommodate your bride and her maids. Choosing a limo is a good idea.
  1. Consider your budget
A wedding budget can be substantial and can quickly go out of hand. While many people have a fixed budget, there are those that can afford to flex their muscles. However, this is not an excuse for you to waste resources. Have a list of every expenditure item and set a limit according to your preferences or financial situation. If you find that your choice of luxury transportation strains your budget, consider a cheaper option or shop around for different service providers. You might find that different companies have different rates.
  1. Evaluate your needs
Choosing to hire a limo and the accompanying luxuries is a good idea but do you need all those extra luxuries? A typical limo is packed to the brim with awesome amenities that include high-end entertainment systems. Expensive leather seats and a beverage station that keeps the drinks cool, climate-controlled air conditioning, heating, and much more. For those who love their privacy, a limo’s windows are tinted to block unwanted prying eyes and also to shield the bride and groom from harsh light. Only those seated inside can see through the tinted windows. Many limos also come with custom sun-roofs that allow the couple to enjoy the weather as they ride to and from the wedding destination. Some packages include a helicopter service that can complement the limo ride. Our Destin limo service takes pride in bringing you the most exceptional transportation services.
  1. Make an early booking
Immediately after you fix the wedding date, make sure to book the car. You must ensure that you select the right car; If in doubt consult widely. Limos are in huge demand and failure to place an early booking could see you lose out. You may be asked to part with a deposit and pay the balance after the wedding.
  1. Check out the car in advance
Visit the limo service office to view the car. You can also make any special request for decorations at this stage. If pomp is your thing, ask them to roll out a red carpet for the bride and groom and request that the chauffeur wears a tuxedo. Also, ask about the refreshments that will be served inside the limo; champagne, ice water, and soda are a good option. If you’re satisfied with these arrangements, sign the agreement to lease the car for your great day. If you are looking for limo or car service for a special occasion, contact 654Limo. Our limo service Destin FL is the best and our state of the art vehicles offer unmatched luxury. You will find us to be very professional and accommodating. Whatever your ground transportation needs are, we shall cover them.

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