Posted on Nov 28 2017

How to sleep better at your hotel

Getting enough rest whilst you’re traveling can be a difficult task – unfamiliar surroundings, disruptive night-time noise, and uncomfortable beds can all make for a restless nights’ sleep. However help is at hand! Follow our top tips below to make your stay more comfortable and ensure you get a great nights’ sleep.

Sleep mask

If you’re used to sleeping in completely dark conditions at home, it can be extremely difficult to get the rest you need with light streaming into the room through a crack in the blinds, or even any electronic devices that may be emitting some light such as a radio alarm clock, mini fridge, or TV. A sleep mask is great for eliminating this unwanted brightness, especially when you are trying to get some rest during daylight hours after a long journey.

Ear plugs

Everyone knows that hotels can be noisy places, from the group of people coming back to the next-door room at 2am, to the builders starting work on lobby renovations first thing in the morning, there is plenty to disrupt your peaceful nights’ sleep. Bring some earplugs to block out the worst of the noise so that you are able to stay asleep for longer.

Play some music or a podcast

If you are having trouble drifting off to sleep, try playing some relaxing music – streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora have a great selection of playlists especially curated for this. Or try listening to a podcast or relaxation app which can help calm your mind and soothe you into a restful sleep.


Reading is a great way to focus your thoughts and distract your mind from work worries or anything else that might be keeping you awake. If you don’t want to travel with a lot of weighty books, try loading a few onto a tablet so you can dip in to whatever you feel like reading at the time. Just make sure that your screen brightness is turned right down to protect your eyes.

Ask for new pillows or bedding

If you are finding hotel pillows uncomfortable or your bedding is waking you up in a sweat in the middle of the night, ask your hotel if they can provide different ones – they should be only too happy to oblige. Many hotels even offer a range of pillows based on firmness to help you get a good nights’ sleep.

Switch rooms

If you are finding yourself woken up by excessive street noise, or the sound of people getting in and out of the elevator right next to your room, ask to switch. There is no point in suffering through these sorts of distractions if they are preventing you from getting the rest you need. If you explain the reason, the hotel may even give you an upgrade!Whether you have had a restful sleep or been kept up all night, you needn’t worry about the stress of travel with our limo service Florida. Our professional, reliable chauffeurs will make sure you arrive at your destination feeling rested, refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day has in store.

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