Posted on Feb 13 2018

Why a Mentoring System Could Work for Your Business

Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of a formal mentoring system in the workplace, with schemes offering numerous benefits to the mentee, mentor, and employer alike. If you are unsure whether you should be starting one for your business, read on to see the advantages your organization could be losing out on if you don’t.

  • Improve the skills of staff
Staff development is, of course, one of the top reasons that most businesses want to implement a mentorship scheme, as highly skilled staff generally leads to higher quality work. Mentorship schemes are a cost-effective way to do this, and they also allow for the possibility of collaboration on a project between mentor and mentee which can lead to creative solutions whilst sustaining minimal risk to the business due to close mentor supervision.
  • Identify areas for development
The mentor-mentee relationship is less formal than that of boss-team member, and this relationship will allow the staff member and their mentor the ability to be more open and honest about areas for development as well as pointing out what the mentee is doing particularly well. This more informal setting gives potential issues a platform to be voiced without fear of repercussions, which will also help to address any problems before they get too far down the line and become more difficult to resolve.
  • Benefit your organization
As well as benefitting individual staff members, a mentorship scheme can also be of great use to the entire organization, allowing for senior leadership to focus more on business development rather than staff training needs. As staff become better trained, more autonomous in their decision making, and able to take on more critical problem-solving tasks this also frees up executives further up the chain to focus on different areas of the business.
  • Help mentors develop their skills too!
Of course mentors themselves can also gain extremely useful skills from taking part in a scheme, particularly developing their communication, leadership, and problem-solving abilities further. The mentorship scheme can also be a great way for staff members who have yet to take on management responsibilities to gain an insight into this type of role and hone their skills before becoming directly responsible for other members of staff. The mentor will feel that their skills and knowledge are valued and this, in turn, will give them a greater sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction. Whatever kind of mentoring scheme you decide on you need to be sure that you have business transportation to meet your needs whenever work takes you out of the office. Whether that’s on a mentor group social event, to meet clients across town, or simply a trip to the airport, our Florida car service will get you there whatever your requirements. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles to meet all your needs, so whether you’re traveling with a group or simply going solo, you can rest assured that our experienced, professional chauffeurs will get you wherever you need to be in luxurious style.

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