Posted on Feb 12 2019

Red Eye Flights: Learn About Its Advantages

You’ll usually envision yourself sleeping on a bed at night and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to catch your flight. However, when it comes to staunch supporters of red eye flights, their journey typically starts when the plane leaves after 9 p.m. and arrives around the hours of 5 to 6 a.m. Now, you must be wondering why anyone would accept the idea of sleeping on a plane, so we’ve taken this opportunity to list down the many benefits that come with red eye flights:

Flights are Often Cheaper

Since red eye flights are still the less popular choice, airlines do their best to make it more attractive, and one way to go about it is by slashing prices. Don’t be surprised to discover that the price of your overnight flight is actually less than half of a normal day time flight.

Opportunity for Extra Seats to Sleep On

If you aren’t taking business class flights or adding more legroom to your flight bookings, you’ll be sitting on a standard seat and sleeping on one. On overnight flights, there will usually be more vacant seats. Although this is definitely not a given, there’s a higher chance that you’ll actually get to put your legs up when you choose to sleep.

Save on Hotel Accommodations

You know where you’ll be sleeping if you take a red eye flight. Of course, nothing beats sleeping in an actual bed with four walls around you, but you’ll get to save on a night in a hotel room. Add an eye mask, a pair of ear plugs and a comfy wraparound and you’re good to go on any overnight flight.

Spacious Airport Waiting Rooms

With more people, you’ll naturally have more noise (and yes, this also applies to a library). Since overnight flights are never the number one choice, you can also expect significantly less traffic and occupied seats. Even if you were just planning to sit down and relax before your flight arrives, it’s a lot more peaceful compared to daytime flights.

More On-time Flights

Just imagine a traffic jam but replace the cars with planes instead. If you thought getting stuck in your car was bad, you probably wouldn’t want to get stuck in a plane or at the airport. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, do consider overnight flights. With fewer planes on the runway, you will more likely get to board your plane on time.

Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

It’s pretty normal to see people rushing about at airports during the daytime, but if you take an overnight flight, you’ll experience a whole new relaxing world. Not only is it less jam at night, but you can also do yourself a favor by taking our Destin limo service instead. Our chauffeurs are some of the best on the road, so you can definitely sit back and relax while we take you safely to your next destination. We are more than happy to offer you the best limo service Destin FL residents and tourists can always rely on.

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