Posted on Jan 08 2019

Take Charge of 2019 with These Positive Life-Changing Tips

Ever had the feeling that time just seems to zip by? Well, if that was how you felt about 2018, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that we’ve landed squarely in 2019. Everyone’s talking about resolutions left and right, so if you haven’t set yours out yet, you might as well get started now. It’s understandable that some of us are dreading the thought of failing our resolutions, but the essential thing to remember here is that our resolutions aren’t the thing we should be focusing on - it’s “ourselves”.

Here at our Destin limo service, we’re constantly asked about how we provide top-notch service to all our customers. For us, the answer is pretty simple, and that’s having the right attitude and mindset at the get-go. When it comes to your new year resolutions, you’ll come to realize that the same principle can be effectively applied for positive results. Of course, we’ll love for our customers to enjoy the new year with the right outlook too, so we’ve compiled our top list of “positive” actions that you can initiate right away:

1. Be Thankful

Everyone should be thankful daily, but that will only happen once it becomes a solid part of our lives. With this in mind, you can always start with small steps before you become comfortable thinking that way. List down one thing you’re thankful for daily and reflect on it. Do the same each and every other day till you feel that you’re able to be thankful for more than one thing; then, increase it. You’ll soon see just how blessed your life really is.

2. Follow the One-a-Day Principle

If you’re feeling stretched out from doing things for others and not having the time to focus on yourself, don’t worry, you’re not the only one feeling that way. However, with that being said, you’ll need to re-examine why you don’t feel energized or motivated even with everything that you do for others. Burnout is a very real phenomenon, and there really is no upside to it. To avoid this, just focus on doing something extraordinary for one person every day and you’ll notice an immediate positive change in your life.

3. Spend Time with Family

Spending time with family (and we don’t just mean literal family members) is always a good thing. Oftentimes, we get caught up with work and responsibilities and end up neglecting our loved ones. This year, why not schedule enough time daily and weekly to spend with those around you? Not only will you get to catch up with the lives of others, you’ll also get to wind down and boost your own well-being in the process.

4. Learn to Slow Down

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you start to wonder what you’ve been doing with your life? If the answer’s yes, it’s really time for you to slow down. Take stock of your journey to where you are today and start assessing your need for speed. Did you start off on the right path? Did you go off your intended path? Once all these questions are satisfactorily answered, you’ll be able to put on that speed suit of yours and unleash some true power.

5. Say “Yes” Instead of “No”

By this, we mean saying “yes” to more opportunities rather than instinctively thinking to say no instead. If you’re looking to increase your possibilities and opportunities in 2019, don’t close the doors on serendipity. Instead of waiting for things to fall neatly in place (and you know how often that will even occur), set your mind to actively pursuing it.

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