Posted on Oct 30 2018

Top 5 Asian Destinations to Visit

If you’re planning a trip to Asia one of these days, you’ll probably want to give yourself a bit more time to explore and enjoy your time there. From bustling metropolises to stunning tropical beaches and lots of fascinating food and cultural experiences, you’re bound to find something you can fall in love with. For more insights and recommendations on the top Asian travel spots for 2018, just take a gander at what we’ve provided below:   Bali Natural beauty can be found almost everywhere on the island of Bali in Indonesia, and this luscious location is often referred to as "heaven on earth” by those fortunate enough to spend time there. Evergreen rainforests, majestic mountains and stunning beaches make this an outdoor haven you won’t want to miss. Add in peaceful temples, delicious fare and friendly folk and you’ll have yourself a whale of a time.   Kyoto Rather than spend your time in a bustling Japanese metropolis, you might just prefer a scenic stroll in Kyoto instead. History buffs are often caught up in the splendor of this once imperial capital that is now famed for some of the nation’s ancient religious sites. If your stomach has a major stake in where you go, you’ll probably be interested to try out kaiseki, a multi-course meal that’s native to this Japanese prefecture.   Hong Kong Unlike China, this former British colony still retains some unique Western influences that have stuck around till today. Although a major international business hub, this tightly-packed city is definitely worth a visit. There’s plenty of shopping opportunities (be it street markets or shopping malls) and dining options, so you’ll definitely find something for everyone during your stay in this thriving metropolis.   Bangkok Thailand’s capital is no stranger to tourists year-round, and with its tropical weather, fantastic street food choices, and plentiful pickings of ornate shrines, it’s easy to see why. Here, the nightlife is just as exciting as daytime activities, and you can very well spend most of your time awake with tons of new sensory experiences that will have you craving for more.   Hanoi This beautiful Vietnam city is still relatively new to international tourists, but it is definitely a must-visit. Here, you’ll get to experience a culture that’s been shaped by Chinese, Southeast-Asian and French influences, giving the country a unique flavor that’s both eclectic and fascinating. Sip on a cup of classic Vietnamese coffee, take a stroll through one of their many temples, and pay a visit to Dong Xuan, the city’s largest market. Nobody likes to feel drained and stressed out before leaving to a foreign country, so you can definitely do yourself a favor by booking our Destin limo service. Our experienced chauffeurs are well-versed with traffic conditions to and from the airport at any time, so you can put your trust in us for a safe and comfortable ride. We offer the best limo service Destin, Florida tourists and residents can rely on. When it comes to luxury ground transportation services, let the professionals take care of you. We take pride in bringing you the most exceptional transportation services. Give us a call an tell us how we can help you!

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