Posted on Feb 20 2018

Top Tips for Bachelorette Party Planning

Planning the perfect way to send your friend off into married life is an exciting time, but it can also be undeniably stressful! If you’ve been tasked with organizing the perfect bachelorette party you’ll be responsible for bringing together a diverse group of friends and relatives, some of whom may not know each other, and ensuring that your bride-to-be has the time of her life! Not an easy task. But, help is at hand – follow our top tips below and you’ll be on your way to bachelorette-planning glory.

  • Choose an activity your bride-to-be will love

This might seem obvious, but you might find yourself overlooking exactly what your bride would want when you’re deep in excitement and ideas with your bridesmaids. Take a step back and think carefully about it – life-drawing sessions or zip-lining might be your idea of fun activities but is it something your bride would really enjoy? There is no harm in consulting her to ask what she wants (and definitely doesn’t want) for her party, that way you have some approved options that you can move forward with confidently.

  • Think outside the box

Be creative about the activities you choose – of course there’s nothing wrong with a meal and a night out on the town with your bride’s best girls, but try to plan in some activities that really reflect your bride’s personality and add a unique touch to the event – after all, it’s all about making her feel special.

  • Consider the budget

Sure, a long weekend in a 5-start resort in Mexico might sound like a fantastic plan for your friend’s bachelorette but ask yourself if it’s realistic within the budget. Even if you can afford it, chances are that there will be others in the group who cannot, and you certainly don’t want to exclude anyone on the basis of price. If you are unsure, ask others what range they’d be expecting to pay before you do too much research, or give them a few options with different price ranges and ask for feedback.

  • Involve the group

As well as making sure everyone is happy with the budget, reach out to others to put forward suggestions, or ask different members of the group if they can supply a cake, or party favors, or novelty items to wear on the night. That way, everyone will feel involved and happy that they’ve been able to play an important part in planning, and it’ll take some of the pressure of you too!

  • Treat yourselves to luxury transportation

Whatever you plan, chances are you’re going to need transportation for your girls. Why not make the journey as good as the event itself and book one of our luxurious limos or fun party buses to make it a night your bride-to-be won’t forget? Our Florida limo service has a huge range of options to suit your group’s needs, so whatever you’re planning you can be sure to get the party started right away!

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