Posted on Mar 13 2018

Why ‘Bleisure’ Is on the Rise – And Why You Should Be Doing It Too

With many professionals experiencing increasing demands on their time, and the levels of remote working on the rise, the concept of combining your business trip with leisure travel, or so-called ‘bleisure’, has seen a meteoric rise in recent years. Here’s why you should be getting in on the action.

  • Save money
Combining your business trip with a chance to take some well-deserved vacation time can be a real money-saver. Your business will fund the travel itself, as well as accommodation fees during your stay, so all you’ll have to do is pay for any additional nights that you tag on to your visit and cash for food and activities. Your work should be supplying you with a sustenance allowance for food and drink costs while you are on the business portion of your trip, so you could even use this to explore that well-rated local restaurant – just be careful not to go too overboard, if you are planning on an extravagant 3-course dinner or a night at the neighborhood wine bar then it may be best to fund this yourself!
  • Discover new places
Business travel will often take you to locations you may not have chosen to visit in your own vacation time, but this can actually present you with a perfect opportunity to explore. Use your down-time between business commitments to visit a local museum, take a walk around downtown, or get out and experience nature at a local state park. You may surprise yourself by how many fascinating and unique sights you would have missed if work hadn’t brought you there.
  • Combine visits
Of course the driving force behind many business trips is to pay a visit to clients or co-workers in different locations throughout the country, however you can also use the opportunity to visit any friends or family that you may know living nearby. If there is no one you know locally, then why not invite them along on the trip with you? Naturally they’ll need to pay for their own travel but they may well be able to stay without any additional cost for accommodation, depending on what you have been provided with by your work. It’s also a great opportunity to explore a new place with your nearest and dearest and can be comforting during long stretches of otherwise lonely solo travel.
  • Save on vacation time
‘Bleisure’ travel will also allow you to save vacation time as any travel will be absorbed into ‘working’ hours, that way you don’t waste precious vacation days simply getting to your destination. You may also find that bleisure trips will satisfy your craving to travel for a while, so you won’t need to take extra vacation days to go away again.


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