Posted on Aug 13 2014

You're In Control! Why Hiring an Airport Shuttle From a Car Service Makes Sense

Everyone dreads that phone call from a friend, asking if they can get a ride from the airport. Even when your friends and family are willing to pick you up or drop you off at the airport, it is often a hassle of coordianting schedules and locations, not to mention the inconvenience for everyone involved if the flight is delayed. Most of the time, hiring an airport shuttle from a car service is the best choice.Parking your car at the airport, or even at an off-airport lot involves the considerable expense of driving roundtrip and the fees for days of overnight parking.  Lots leave your car vulnerable to vandalism, theft and severe weather including hail.Reserving a spot on a traditional airport shuttle is often surprisingly expensive, especially if you are flying with a group of two or more people who all need transportation together. Traditional airport shuttles can make multiple stops, lengthening your trip to or from the airport.Hiring an airport shuttle from a car service is a great option for transportation to or from the airport. Shuttles from car services are always immaculately clean. Car services offer top of the line shuttle rides that have luxurious interiors and professional drivers.  A car service shuttle offers doorstep to terminal service and they will track your flights for you, so there is no one you need to call if your flight is running late.  If you are flying with other people, the cost of hiring an airport shuttle from a car service is surprisingly affordable.  If you don't have a large group, you can always consider hiring a sedan instead.If you want to hire an airport shuttle in Florida, or if you have any other transportation needs please contact us. We offer convenient online quotes right on our website.

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